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Kaya Skye, LMT




Radiant Health Center
2775 Friendly Street (near 28th Ave)
Eugene OR 97405

Kaya began her healing journey in 1992 at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she studied massage and herbal medicine while completing her BA in Medical Anthropology and Community Health Care. She then completed an extensive program at the esteemed Dr. Jay Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For the last three decades she has studied a wide range of modalities including: Thai, Lomi’ili’ili Hot Stone, Myofascial release, and Reflexology.  

Her greatest influence is Mana Lomi in the lineage of Maka’ala Yates. This technique incorporates broad compression, rhythmic movement, traction from the joint capsule, and using neuromuscular pathways to release muscular and facial tension. Kaya’s work is deep and flows with the rhythm of breath to find the ideal, therapeutic pressure and tempo. She uses warmed stones like tools to open and soften the muscles and fascia before deeper work. Tuning forks may also be utilized for more delicate musculature, to clear the energetic field and to activate pressure points.

Pacific Source and Motor Vehicle insurance accepted.

What Clients Say

The massage was incredible. Definitely one of the BEST I have ever received. She really knew right where to work. THANK YOU!!!!

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